The Sandstone Way Long Distance Cycle Route approx 120 miles,

The Sandstone Way is a long-distance cycle route from Berwick upon Tweed to Hexham, passing through Wooler, Rothbury, and Bellingham.

The Sandsone Way is named after the numerous sandstone features, crags and outcrops which are characteristic of the region and traverses through an amazing ever-changing landscape which is rich in history, geological features and iconic scenery and has been designed for use by mountain bikers as much of the route is off-road. It safely crosses a constant flow of rivers, four main roads and two railway lines.

The route uses varied terrain along its whole length with the preferred alignment taking best advantage of an interesting mix of double-width dirt tracks, sections of singletrack, unsurfaced lanes and bridleways of all types as well as byways and little known Unclassified County Roads (UCRs). Inevitably, there are numerous linking sections of quiet minor roads and surfaced country lanes.

Picture of Berwick Upon Tweed Berwick Upon Tweed

Most people choose to complete the route in 3/4 days

The Sandstone Way will appeal to all abilities from families and less experienced mountain bikers, those at intermediate standard and even fit competent mountain bikers. The first group are likely to take 3 or 4 days to complete it whilst the ‘fit and the fast’ could possibly ride the route in 2 days but in all probability most would wish they had taken 3 days..

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Sandstone Way

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